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Cloud based, recruitment and staff management software, to manage temporary and permanent worker's shifts, compliance and timesheets in one solution.

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All-in-one Recruitment & HR Tool

Simplify your staff management and recruitment process using one solution, to improve efficiency and gain better control of spend. Whether you recruit via recruitment agencies or require a need for a staff bank, ZeelVMS will provide you with complete visibility of communication and costs in one place.


Worker Management

With the addition of dealing with both temporary and permanent staff can be time consuming, with ZeelVMS, create vacancies, recruit, schedule shifts, submit timesheets and create agency self-bills and invoices with speed and accuracy.

Manage your workforce and business spend in one place

Have complete control and visibility of your recruitment process and your workforce, to keep control of costs and improve productivity and service delivery.

  • Improve the efficiency and speed of your process of recruiting temporary staff. With the ability to upload vacancies in seconds, communicate and manage recruitment agencies in one place, and build your own staff bank
  • Automate and streamline communication via online portals and have complete overview of your department spend via real-time dashboards and detailed MI reporting
  • Manage staff’s shifts, expenses, and service delivery all in one solution
  • Control and set pay grades/ bands for workers
  • Automatic AWR clock
  • Shift change management and workforce scheduling
  • Agency tier management
  • Compliance document and timesheet management
  • Detailed MI reporting and invoicing capabilities
Local authority vacancy dashboard

Provide a seamless process for clear communication

Real time access to secure web-based portals enables all parties involved in the recruitment process to have a smoother and efficient experience, improving worker quality.

  • Improve worker quality by allowing agencies via the online portal to put forward candidates in response to your vacancy requirements
  • Have a complete audit trail of communication with agencies, and send notifications via the portal
  • Send agency self-bills via the portal and manage spend
  • Upload candidates for approval
  • View reporting and agency self-bills
  • Send and receive notifications
  • Upload and approve timesheets
Dashboard of Zeel VMS

Secure portal for a simpler timesheet process

Give workers a simpler way to submit their timesheets and have complete visibility of their personal information.

Mobile dashboard Zeel VMS
  • Remove paper timesheet process, and enable workers to submit their timesheet hours on their mobile.
  • Enable workers to upload expenses and take pictures of receipts speeding up the timesheet submission to payroll process
  • Geo-fencing and face verification for automatic clock in and out and timesheet build
  • Private portal for workers to view compliance documents and personal information
  • Request holidays and accept and reject shifts
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“From only seeing Zeelpayroll once, we could tell immediately that this is exactly what we needed for our company. It demonstrated rapid calculations and the reporting was as simple as a few clicks with all the information we required.

We are looking forward to the partnership with Zeel and implementing a system that will truly make a difference to our process.”

– Briony Fitzsimons, Manager

“The solutions we have in place and the experience we have encountered has really proved its worth in working with Zeel Solutions. The team at Zeel is exceptional, particularly the back-up and support staff who are very prompt and extremely helpful.

It is very important to our company that we remain fully compliant, at the same time striving to streamline our operations. Zeel’s products go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals.”

– Alan McGeorge, Director
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