Providing our clients with a seamless process is key, whether you have our complete end-to-end suite of solutions, or if you have other software providers in place. We believe software integration will enhance and automate your business, improving efficiency and productivity.


Integrates with ZeelVMS
Integrates with ZeelRecruiter


Integrates with ZeelVMS


Integrates with Zeelpayroll

RDB Pronet

Integrates with ZeelVMS


Integrates with Zeeltimesheets

Integrating with Zeel

With APIs we are able to integrate with other providers on the market, we already have a vast selection of software providers that our systems currently integrates with.

However, we are always adding to this list, so if you can’t see one of your software providers above get in touch to discuss further.


With our simple Zxchange export/import functionality, all our systems offer the capability to do imports and exports, if required.

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