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“From only seeing Zeelpayroll once, we could tell immediately that this is exactly what we needed for our company. It demonstrated rapid calculations and the reporting was as simple as a few clicks with all the information we required.

We are looking forward to the partnership with Zeel and implementing a system that will truly make a difference to our process.”

– Briony Fitzsimons, Manager

“The solutions we have in place and the experience we have encountered has really proved its worth in working with Zeel Solutions.

The team at Zeel is exceptional, particularly the back-up and support staff who are very prompt and extremely helpful.

It is very important to our company that we remain fully compliant, at the same time striving to streamline our operations. Zeel’s products go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals.”

– Alan McGeorge, Director

“The innovative nature of ZeelVMS has made us more efficient in our processes and, by being able to access real-time information, it gives us greater control of our candidates and our ability to supply the end client, which often tends to be the major healthcare organizations and Trusts.

Since implementing the new technology, we have seen an increase in the number of contracts we have secured, many estimated to be in the region of £1m to £3m.”

– Ronan Corrigan, Managing Director

ZeelVMS has already become an integral part of our business now, allowing us to manage all our workers, enforce compliance, keep on top of AWR and easily handle the entire process from start to finish. Our workers have doubled in the time we have had ZeelVMS, and we believe this software had a part to play in helping us manage this.

The timesheet functionality has delivered such ease to our staff, so much so, we have now decided to implement Zeel’s payroll solution, Zeelpayroll, to create an even more seamless process. Overall, Zeel Solutions have delivered a great service and a great system, and we still have so much more to gain from the software

- Paul Groves, Logistics and Warehousing industry.
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