How Timesheet Software Can Reduce Risks

May 4, 2021

Many industries still use paper timesheets as their preferred method, its tends to be that people simply stick to what they know and at times company’s perspectives on software can be more of a headache than it’s worth.

However, the case for using electronic timesheets historically has been:

  • One of the most important tasks a manager has to perform is to ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time. Unhappy, unpaid employees = poor business performance. Overpaid employees = angry business owners/shareholders
  • Paper timesheets are prone to errors, “time theft” and payroll becomes an onerous task that requires hours of back office work. The chance for human error is     increased when hours are re-entered into the payroll system, and can lead to over or understating time that employees have worked. 
  • Chasing down timesheets from workers and or getting managers to sign off is a productivity loss. Timesheets also get lost and signatures can easily be faked. 

Current timesheet technology is clever. From automatically clocking in/out based on your location through to showing a worker their estimated pay based on hours submitted. And linked to the back office, your business can see quicker than ever, your PO draw down and as a recruiter, how much you can invoice and bottom-line.

More than any feature or function though, electronic timesheets remove the potential for human error and the associated costs to your business. Of all the cases for automation, time capture should be top of the list. with the advent of Covid-19, there is without doubt a further point that perhaps goes top of the list. No shared pieces of paper and no unnecessary proximity.

Zeel Solutions, electronic timesheet solution, Zeeltimesheets, automates many recruitment processes from compliance collection, through to payroll and everything in-between, including:

  • Automatic deduction of predefined breaks to make sure costs are accurate
  • Expenses with receipt images
  • Bottom-line is clear with accurate pay and cost
  • Invoices with backing data
  • Secure online portals for workers, clients and agency

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